Why is there no e-mail address on your site?
I had one on here originally but I just didn’t have time to deal with the e-mails so I took it off.

Why don’t you have a message board?
I tried that as well but too many abusive posts led to warnings from my web host at that time and I didn’t have time to monitor the posts so that was that.

Where are you from?

Aye but where in Scotland?
The sunny part of the Borders.

How long has this site been on the go?
Since about 2000 or 2001 with various web hosts.


Can Scotch morning rolls be eaten in the afternoon?
Yes, I’ve heard of people eating them in the afternoon and even in the evening without any adverse effects at all.

What about morning coffee biscuits then?
Not sure on that one.  Eat them in the afternoon at your own risk I would say.

Is an orange called an orange because of it’s colour or is the colour orange so called because it’s the same shade as the fruit?
The name of the colour was derived from the fruit long before 1690.

Why is a tomato not called a red?
Because if you went into a shop and asked for half a pound of reds there would be total confusion and you might end up with strawberries or raspberries.

Can a captain, an admiral or a major be bought in a general store?
As far as I know only generals can be bought in a general store.

Does a shepherd’s pie contain real shepherds?
Possibly.  That could explain the shortage of shepherds these days.

What about cottage pies and cottage cheese, are they made from real cottages? Yes.

Are free range eggs really free?  Only if someone gives you them or you nick them or you have your own hens otherwise you have to pay.

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